Can't Do It Without `Em

The following truly talented folks are good friends. You will often find them assisting clients at the conventions.

I cannot thank them enough, but you can by clicking on the names under the photos to see the cool stuff they've been working on!


Miranda Boyer & Mark Jason Murray


Art Ettinger & Allana Sleeth




Italian Liason

The lovely and vivacious Silvia Collatina was born and raised in Rome, Italy where she spent part of her youth in front of the camera working with legendary director Sergio Martino in 1979's Big Alligator River and then with the infamous Lucio Fulci in his 1981 bloodbath   

Silvia 2009

        Silvia 1981

House By The Cemetery. Amazingly enough, her parents allowed her to work with Fulci once again in 1983's Murderock. Her acting career came to a premature end soon thereafter due to a misunderstanding between her agent and the producers of the movie Dark Eyes.

Now a mother of two, Collatina works as a secretary in a trademarks and patents firm in Rome. She is a lifelong horror fanatic who is (almost) fluent in 5 different languages. Her unique perspective and attention to detail as the Italian liaison for Paura Productions has been and will continue to be an invaluable addition in maintaining our mission statement:  keeping the blood-smeared era of EuroHorror cinema alive!



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